Mutual respect and an exchange between generations add up to a sustainable work environment. 

Our sustainability strategy

At Micarna we constantly monitor the entire value creation chain: from cultivation and the procurement of raw materials to the production in the plant and on to consumption and recycling. 


Micarna – Sustainability Strategy 2040

In our company we also take up- and downstream processes into account and strive for closed ecological cycles. This means that the waste created should be fed as completely as possible into new materials and energy processes. Along the entire value creation chain we have identified two concrete areas of action in which we aim for improvements. These areas of action are the drivers for sustainable development in the three dimensions of environment, society and business.  

Sustainability flyer (PDF, in German)

Micarna seeks to ensure the life quality of current and future generations. We therefore focus our activities on renewable resources and in such a way that these are permanently maintained. Non-renewable resources are avoided or, should this not be possible, then saved and recycled. Resource efficiency is our obligation; we use earth, water and energy sparingly. Closed materials cycles and thus complete recycling are important to us. Emissions (greenhouse gases, noise, odours, etc.) are avoided or at least reduced to the point that the natural capacity of the ecosystem is not exceeded. We promote biodiversity and care for the landscape. To us, to be committed to the life quality of future generations means that we must also seek to ensure the capacity of the ecosystems of this earth in the future. 

Micarna provides its staff with personality-developing and health-preserving jobs. We compensate according to performance, fairly and appropriately. We encourage and support education and further training. We empower societal development and encourage team spirit. The raw materials for our products are produced environmentally with animal welfare in mind. We want consumers to be able to enjoy our products with a clear conscious. With our product quality we seek to offer enjoyment and to improve health. We want to promote public values such as fairness, integration and equality. In short, we are passionately committed to the improved life quality of consumers, our employees and suppliers, in particular the farmers. 

Micarna is pursuing long-term business success. Only business success enables a continuous renewal of the company, the financing of innovations and thus the assuring of competitiveness. Only an economically successful company can pay fair salaries and offer professional perspectives. And only a successful company can create reliable benefits and added value for customers. The assurance of competitiveness is thus not an end in itself, but a means to an end.  

  • NH-Film M-Industry

    As a Migros company, Micarna has committed to the goals of the M-Industry sustainability strategy. Over 40 goals by 2020 and three guiding visions by 2040 provide direction for us as a company. This film provides insight into the strategy and the commitment of all M-Industry companies.