The quintessence of what we do each do and how we act each day is to always be a bit better. And we have been doing that for over 50 years.

Peter Hinder, CEO

In brief

Micarna Group has been the leading meat, poultry, fish and egg producer in Switzerland since more than half a century and, as a member of Migros Industry, makes an essential contribution to the business success of Migros. More than 2 million consumers in Switzerland and Europe enjoy top-rate and high-quality Micarna Group products daily.


With its strict animal and environmental protection guidelines, in international comparison, Switzerland lays the foundation for environmentally and socially sustainable products. With its strong convictions, Micarna Group maintains close relationships with Swiss agriculture, and recognizes and promotes the added value of Swiss meat. Around 70 per cent of all livestock that is processed by Micarna Group are also label animals (such as IP-Suisse or Bio) and thus enjoy greater animal welfare than is prescribed by law. With more than 4,800 products and complete solutions for specific customer groups in Switzerland and abroad, Micarna is the largest meat producer in Switzerland in terms of turnover.

All important Information and the current figures about Micarna Group can be found in the Vademecum 2022